Sculpture turns everyday vegetables

into one-off pieces of art


Classically-trained fine artist Rachel Nettles has used her specialist skills at machine and hand-stitched textile embroidery to create material sculptures of vegetables
and a select few flowers.


These simple breath-taking pieces of art first catch your eye as they look almost unmistakable from the real thing, then draw you in as you want to see just how much time and care that has gone into each one. These are sculptures which demand closer attention, and thankfully Rachel is more than happy
for you to examine her work close-up and enjoy every last detail down to the hand-stitched soil around the roots of
the vegetables. Not that everything is visible as each piece
is specially weighted to add to the illusion of reality.


With some pieces taking as long as three weeks to produce, their creation is a labour of love. One which has taken the artist 20 years to perfect the many different sewing techniques required to take many different weights of coloured thread and turn them into everything from cabbages to carrots.


Rachel’s work sells worldwide through her website as well as at galleries with thousands of fans from as far afield as New York to Australia following her work through social media. Her vegetable sculptures have appeared in numerous magazines, including Country Townhouse magazine, Gardens Illustrated and Telegraph magazine. She has also had a show
at the highly respected Anthropologie Gallery on the King s Road, London which coincided with the 2016 Chelsea

Flower Show; during which she featured in Red magazine’s online article 5 things to do at Chelsea Flower Show 2016 .


Further field, Rachel’s work has also featured in the summer edition of Italian online magazine Blossomzine and been
raved about by famed Italian clothing stylist, vegetable
lover and blogger, L Orto di Michelle. Rachel Nettles
produces her work under the title Cabbages & Nettles.

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Cabbages and Nettles. Original fine art by Rachel Nettles

© all images copyright Rachel Nettles 2017